Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Show

I just wanted to share some pictures of the pieces I took to today's Spring Show. I had an amazing time at this show. It was packed full of fun people and the business wasn't bad either. I had a few returning customers and that was exciting news in itself. It is such a great feeling to sit and chat with people who love your work, it makes a show so much better. I love my customers and all the charming people who lend their support to try and get your name out there.
This was also the first time my husband hung around and helped out. I was especially grateful he was there when it was time to tear that he was helping some of the other vendors carry their stuff out, also. I did have to hear about him sacrificing his precious turkey season, just so he could sit and watch the booth while I went to the restroom. I'm pretty sure it was not the torture he was expecting....he was laughing it up pretty good with the kid next to us for most of the time he was there. Under all the stressful circumstances of the show it was all and all a good week. I should have known the week was going to be a good one when it started off with me picking up the new Stamper Sampler and seeing my work published in the mail call section. Let me just say, I don't think there is anything more exciting then seeing your name published along side of something you created. I can't imagine that will ever be something I would grow use to....I just get all giddy every time it happens, you know jumping up and down, repeatedly slapping my husband with the magazine while saying " look that's my name in a magazine aren't you just stoked your married to me ", my kids go to school telling everyone their mom was in a magazine, and the best is when my mom wants to see the magazine, so she can take it to work and show all her lady friends. So, I'm wondering if everyone who gets published feels the same way or if that tingly excitement fades after you've been published a few dozen times. This week was the 4th time for me, and it felt just like the first time I surprisingly found my name and work gracing the pages of my favorite magazine.
Wishing all of you a happy spring and a very creative week.