Wednesday, April 10, 2013


The weather here has been the worst. Monday night around 11pm we had the tornado sirens sounding and some serious hail. I read on a facebook post they were calling it a Blizznado. Tuesday the kids got out of school early and today we have a snow day. The weather has just been plain crazy in these parts.  Just last weekend we were experiencing 80 degree weather....can someone please send it back? I am so sick of snow and ice! I really wanted to take my kids out to do a photo shoot for Mother's Day gifts, but I guess that is going to have to wait. My little monkey let me get a few pics of her on Easter break and they turned out pretty good. I got all excited about getting all my kids in one has been a while. I am always missing a teenager. 
This Saturday is my first spring show and so, I feel sorta like a basketcase around here. I have 3 more pieces I am trying to finish up before Friday and then I am taking a few days off next week for my kids' track meets. I hope the weather gets nicer by then. I really need to get back to work just wanted to post a few more pieces I finished this week. 
Be back soon!