Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A few pictures of Lester 2012

 December has been crazy with basketball games, wrestling, school programs, and church activities. I just barely downloaded my camera cards and decided to post all the happenings with Lester lately. I tried posting a few on facebook, but ended up skipping quite a few days. I can't wait for my kids to get out of school....we are all in dire need of a vacation. I am just looking forward to hanging around the house and doing nothing. My husband even took next week off, which is a miracle. He never gets to take vacation around the holidays. Thank goodness for Christmas falling in the middle of the week this year. So on with the show.....These are listed backwards from most recent....

Day 12
Playing with blocks....a great way to send the kids to school this morning
Day 11
Taking some down time and playing Angry Birds
Day 9
elf sized chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast
Day 8
Doing a little wrapping....not so easy with out thumbs
Day 7
Caught red handed in the cookie jar
Day 6
Taking time to remember the true meaning of Christmas
Day 5
Keeping a close eye on everyone from on top of the piano
Day 4
Having a chat with Rudolph
Day 3
Light bright art work
Oh' Christmas Tree

Day 2
Painting some nut crackers

Day 1
Husker game day! We didn't do so well.

Now I am off to get my Young Womens activity ready. I will try and post Lester as the action occurs, but no promises. Happy Wednesday, Everyone!