Saturday, October 15, 2011

Celebrating over 30 and pushing 40

Yep, this is a non photo post and today is my birthday and I am realizing how super old I am getting. Driving today and looked over at my 14 yr old son and thought when did this kid grow a mustache and is he really going to be driving soon. That's actually when I thought hey this old thing might not be so he can drive me around. Not even 5 min later I was pulled over for driving way too fast. Luckily the officer had pity on me and gave me a warning. He said he just couldn't give me a ticket on my birthday....really he was probably not wanting to be the reason for my soon to come midlife crisis. Yeah, I was almost sobbing uncontrollably and my son even said "Mom please stop crying your embarrassing me." What my son didn't know is I can't afford one more ticket...I'm not talking money either. I have been pulled over way to many times for speeding and in jeopardy of losing my licence (this is where that teenage son will come in handy). So, I am reflecting a little tonight. What in the world is really so important in my life that I have to drive like Dale Earnhardt Jr. ( that's a race car driver...right?). Maybe, that is why someone invented that cruise control thingy on my steering wheel.  I think I might just use that cruise option more often, who knows, I might not be as late to things as I think I will. I could just put my entire life in cruise control option.
We had a party at our house tonight, complete with hay bales around a bonfire in the backyard. There was plenty of good food and even better company. It was a great birthday. The best part of my little brother calling and chatting for like an hour. We laughed about things, talked about TV shows, movies and life. Man, I really love my family. Funny, how that one call for a measly hour could be the highlight of my night, but it was. I hope my kids have these for ever sibling bonds when they grow up and move on with their lives. I don't know if I seized this year the way I intended, but I think it was an overall good year. Heres to new goals and dreams...I hope this year I can grasp just a few more of them.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spice Apple Pancakes & Football

Apple spice pancakes...can you say, Yummy! I treated my 4 yr old to a morning surprise. While all the other kids were at school she was at home squirting whip cream in her mouth, right from the can and bathing in sprinkles. Yep, she is 4 and did get a little carried away with the sprinkles, but we had fun cooking together. These are a family favorite and there is nothing better than kickin' off fall with some delicious pancakes for breakfast. Recipe follows...

Pancake: 2 Cups pancake mix
               1/2 tsp cinnamon
                1 Egg
               1 1/3 cup milk
                3/4 cup grated apple
mix all the ingredients together and cook up some pancakes

Syrup: 1 cup sugar
            2 Tblsp.  cornstarch
             1/2 tsp. pumpkin pie spice
             2 cups apple cider
             2 tsp. lemon juice
             1/4 cup butter

melt butter in saucepan than add cider, lemon juice, sugar, and spice. Bring to boil and then add cornstarch, continue to boil until thickened. Remember mix your cornstarch in a separate bowl with a little water before adding to the boiling syrup or you will have lumpy syrup.

And a little football action. Nothing says fall like football and apples.