Monday, December 2, 2013

Lester returns with a friend and some Homemade awesomeness

I swear the older I get the faster time goes by. Any Who, I can't believe it is already December. The last two weeks have been CRAZY. After hitting the cow we realized it was time for a new vehicle, and so the car shopping began. I have to let you in on a little secret, I actually enjoyed the car shopping bit. My husband and I are always on different schedules and we rarely have alone time, so it was sort of nice just hanging out all day together. We test drove a lot of cars and looked at even more, had lunch, and squeezed in a little Christmas shopping. I think afterwards, we both agree that we need to do this sort of thing more often....the dating thing, not the hitting a cow and having to go car shopping thing. 
Thanksgiving was wonderful! We had my mom over for lunch and then my in-laws and the missionaries over for dinner. My life is finally beginning to feel a little less chaotic. 
With the start of December we had a few visitors drop in....Lester our elf brought a friend along with him this year. You might recognize Nester from an earlier post. The kids are excited to see what sort of mischief these two will get into this year. 

I had so much time at home the last few weeks without a car that I actually accomplished quite a bit more than usual. I finished my December Daily album and I am just waiting to print pictures and start putting the whole thing together. I am going to post pictures later in the week. I also made some homemade lemon soap and apple berry lotion for our teachers this year. I wrapped the soap with old story book pages from Frosty the Snowman and covered the jars of lotion with linen, greenery, and holly leaves. I rusted up some bells and made myself a new wreath and cleaned my studio. That was a task I thought would never end. We put up some storage shelving in my basement, so that I could organize all my craft show set up pieces and the totes of items I don't use on a weekly basis. It is so much more spacious and clean. I love how just a little order and purging can make you feel like creating. 

Advent calendars are huge at our house in December. We have a Christmas movie and book countdown, a service calendar, and an activity advent. The other day I was having a craft day with my BFF and she was talking about a scripture advent and I thought how awesome is that...I want to do one too. Today, I saw this one on facebook and thought how wonderful is this. You can find this calendar on Last night we watched The Grinch to kick start the holiday spirit and read the Christmas book. Happy December to you all!