Thursday, September 9, 2010

Table re-do

I spent this afternoon fixing up this sweet little table that sits in my daughters' room. We have had this parlor table for about 8 yrs. and it has made it's way through three little girls and all their tea parties and art projects. The table top is scratched up and covered in marker and no longer looks adorable. I had this Shabby Chic shower curtain in the linen closet and decided to give the table a face lift. I upholstered the chairs and made the table cover in about 2 hrs. This was a quick fix for something that almost made it's way to Goodwill. Until next time, happy creating.


  1. I love it Rhonda! I love to see your minds creativity!

  2. In your words, "I can take crap and turn it into something spectacular." In my words, "Yep, it's a gift." miss u sis :D