Friday, February 25, 2011

EE Bun Bun

Here is the newest addition to my spring collection. I just love this little guy. There are 3 more similar to him that should be finished sometime next week.
My internet guy just came over and fixed my service, Yipee. They gave me a new modem and told me the other probably got fried in the power surges we had a few weeks ago. I have had problems getting on line for weeks and got the telephone run- around every time. Today, my pics loaded quickly and that has made me one happy gal. Gotta run and get some lunch on. Hope ya all have a grand weekend.
I just really love all those glitter eggs in EE's basket!
Remember, you can click on any image to see his details larger.


  1. Hey sis,

    Not sure if my 1st comment went through, but wanted to know if I could patent E-E Bun-Bun. Mom would claim that I invented it in 1973...:D

    Love u and E-E.

  2. So adorable!

    Thanks so much for your visit and glad also to know that I am not the only cell phone free person out there ;)