Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lace and more lace...Oh my

Here it is almost a month again since my last post. The weeks have been busy with sick kids, a night stay in the hospital with my oldest daughter, deadlines, a painting job, and still trying to finish pieces for the show in less than 6 weeks. I did manage to squeeze in some me time this month and found the ultimate junk store. I purchased all the vintage lace in the 2 pictures below for under 10$. I'm totally excited to use some of this in a few pieces of altered art, I might even be using some of the colored lace in hair accessories. I have been selling some of my hair accessories at a local clothing boutique and it has been awesome working with the girls at Wynk. So far, I have had great feedback from the store and a few customers.
My head has been a jumbled mess as of lately...lots of ideas and little time to sit down and get them into action. I have the sudden jewelery bug biting at me and would love to even put some of this vintage trim to use on a necklace or cuff bracelet. I hope to have some pieces done real soon and to share them here on my blog.
It's getting late and I still need to finish up a few clay pieces and get my littlest one tucked into bed. Talk to ya all real soon!

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