Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some Springy Works In Progress

My kids are all home from school today, with strep. I had to make two trips to town yesterday to see the doctor and get antibiotics. There is always something going on lately and it has left me with little studio time. I am taking off for the weekend with my mom and heading to Denver to spend some time with my little brother and his wife.
Today, I woke up with some spring time inspiration and started projects for the spring show. I should be packing and baking a birthday cake (for my bro) and cleaning the house, but for right now I am just sitting back and letting all this inspiration flow from my hands. I am feeling relaxed and enjoying my day. In a few hours I will not be so relaxed. I will probably be running around like a crazy lady, but for right now I will just play and have fun.
Well, guess I better get back to work.

1 comment:

  1. Rhonda, I hope you are able to enjoy your day, your crafts look like they are going to be fun, can't wait to see the finished ws run seeing you if only for a moment yesterday! I hope the kiddos get feeling well soon.