Friday, January 21, 2011

Blog addict

I have nothing creative to share with you this week. I have lost my creative jive and spent most of the week drooling over beautiful blogs. It starts with a few little links and then I am sucked in and realize hours have passed and children have been neglected and I think of all the things I should be doing, but I can't stop myself. I am openly admitting I am a blog reading addict. I am amazed at the talented people and their enthusiasm for life and creativity and start to feel, well, lets just say, a little overwhelmed and inadequate ( I hope I am not the only one out there that feels this way).

Seriously, I have been upholstering furniture and painting my studio and hope to reveal some of my work next week. I am really happy about how my living room chairs are turning out. I started these chairs last summer and never had time to finish them and thought it was the perfect project for this week. I mean, why not, I am just sitting in the house dreaming of warmer days and less snow on the ground anyways. I am finally having a vision of what I want my living room to look like. The new carpet should be installed this spring after we have the roof done. With the excitement of new carpet, and finally finding one I love, I decided I need to paint also. I have had these pistachio green walls for 6 years. I loved the color when I first painted it, but my style is maturing and my kids are finally getting older and I am dreaming of that all white living room and pistachio green is just not working with that vision. This weekend I will be in search of some paint samples and hope to find just the right color that resembles, maybe linen. Not really sure what color yet, but I will know it when I see it.
I'll leave you with a pic of some good finds from last week. I just can't stay away from Goodwill and the downtown junk shops. I scored with the complete vintage Bingo game for only 25cents and a couple rolls of vintage wallpaper for 50cents. I also love this Strawberry shortcake pattern. Maybe, a dress for Christyn is in the near future. The rest is just crafting items and, oh how I love me some crafting goodness for cheap.

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