Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ladybugs & bumble bees

The little one and I are finally on the mend. We still have a little bit of a cough, but for the most part feeling tons better. This weeks inspiration is from Christyn's ladybug pillow.
Here are the latest additions to the spring collection.

Speaking of spring, it is almost 60 degrees out and the sun is finally shining. I can't wait to run around the yard with my kids playing frisbee or croquet and enjoying a picnic outdoors beneath the big maple tree. During the summer months, we always catch a few ladybugs, caterpillars, butterflys, and the ever so magical lightning bugs. Mostly, I do the gardening and the kids chase bugs. So, what are you mostly looking forward to in the warmer months ahead?



  1. Wow! She looks a lot like Liz in that 1st pic. Like all the bugs, although that's what I least like about the warm months. Looking forward to living near the beach again...it's my weakness. I must get it from mom. :D

  2. Have you read the Lady Bug Girl books? She has one called "Lady Bug Girl and Bumblebee Boy" that we LOVE. The illustrations are wonderful and the little Lady Bug girl is SO much like my 6 year old that I feel like I'm reading her journal. Check 'em out, they may be inspirational.