Friday, March 11, 2011

Look what I've been up to

A little worky worky in progress. I received my confirmation for the spring show this week and that means only 3 more weeks until my next show. The pressure always kicks in during the last few weeks of preparation. I've been hard at work for weeks, but it doesn't look like it.
I will have to take a few days off in the next few weeks due to another job and that has me a little stressed. I always get a little crazy when I have 3 jobs going at one time. I'm heading out tomorrow to do some painting on a duplex and praying the job goes quicker than I anticipate.
My kids are celebrating spring break without me and I am kinda sad I haven't had a whole lot of play time lately. Alright, enough of the sad me, because the kids have mostly been in and out today, my oldest daughter went with her grandma, son and youngest daughter went to the farm to put in a dishwasher for grandma and some shooting, and the 6yr old had a friend over for a play date. I love that I get to be home and create things all day, it is for sure a dream life. I did get some of the above pieces finally finished today, but there is still many more being worked on. I always get excited when the first coats of paint get going. I think magic happens when the color gets applied, the little critters just seem to come to life.
Counting my blessings this day. All my little woes are so petty in comparison to all those suffering from the Tsunami. Praying for all those affected by yesterday's earthquake in Japan.


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  1. I am glad you had a great time and gret helper this weekend at the craft show! I love your creations!