Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Feathers and Friends

A dear friend of mine is singing this weekend in a chorus and they are all dressing in a 4o's vintage theme. A few weeks ago this friend and I went scouring in antique stores, the local goodwill, and a few consignment shops to see if we could find an outfit for her to wear for this show. We were lucky enough to find a skirt and blouse at 2 separate stores. We were ready to call it a day and head home, when I thought we should try one last antique store. My friend found the most awesome vintage apron to complete her vintage 40's look. I made this hair piece for her and this weekend I will get to see the entire ensemble come together. She is going to look amazing.
I recently found out this friend is moving this year. She will only be a few states away, but I will miss her and all the sweet times we have already shared.

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