Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween and Elves

I spent Halloween with the kindergartners, painting, giggling, eating treats, and I even got to walk in the school parade of costumes. Christyn's class was wonderful! I enjoyed every minute hanging out with these sweet little ones. It made my day when a little boy came up to me at the end of school and said "You have the coolest station!". I was in charge of crafts (why wouldn't I be) and we made paintings with our hands and feet and decoupaged pumpkin lanterns. Lots of laughter going on as I painted little tootsies. The day was a nice break from my everyday projects. 
Later that evening we headed to my mom's and got some take out pizza ( I think half the town was at Little Caesars last night) and went trick-or-treating around her place. We got about 3 blocks in and my kids were done and so was Grandma. So, Halloween is over and all my little ones can talk about is how many more days till Christmas. I think they are ready for a school break.

Working like crazy trying to get things ready for my last show of the year. Made this happy little elf about a month ago. I have been so busy with photo shoots I have had little time for creating. Yes, panic is starting to set in. I have one week and not as much done as I would have liked. I think no matter how much I have done I am always good at stressing over all the little things. You would think the more shows I do the easier this would such luck. I sure I will get better at a routine of some sorts, or at least I am going to give it a hard try next year.


The 7 elves below were a special order, but thought I would post some pics of what I have been up to lately.

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