Saturday, November 2, 2013

Knee hugger elf and some gnomes

I love Saturdays in the fall. Why, you say?  Well, in Nebraska, Saturdays are all about the Huskers and that means my family goes to watch the game with their grandpa. Leaving me alone for most of the day. I love my family, but I also love alone time. Today I spent the afternoon in a junk store not far from my house. I found most of my treasures in the Christmas room...Yes, this place has rooms. I can easily get lost all day looking through stuff. I am not ashamed to say that yesterday I actually listened to some Christmas music on Pandora and it probably sparked some early Holiday excitement. Photos below are of some of my favorite finds....

Knee Hugger Elf

The wood trees are a little beat up, but these gnomes are so adorable 

Tiny little wood gnomes
Happy weekend to you all

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