Saturday, September 15, 2012

A girls day with a surprise

My oldest daughters birthday was this week and to celebrate we were going to have a girls day on Friday. The plan was to have a Harry Potter marathon while creating some Halloween things. She ran out to check the mail and came in the house with next months issue of Stamper Sampler. There was no better way to kick off this crafty weekend then to find out I had been published in the Oct-Dec issue. We ended up heading to town to get some groceries and then stopped to see my mom. Elizabeth decided to get Snow White and the Huntsman while we were at the store. It was already getting late when we got home, so we changed our plan of action. We ended up watching Snow White and then went to bed. Today we woke up and got to work on our crafts and started  movie 1 of Harry Potter. This banner below is one of the cute things we have been working on. We also spray painted a bunch of things we plan on using in projects. We mostly played with paper crafts today. Liz had some great ideas for a few clay crafts, but we didn't get to those. I think we will need to schedule some more time next week. Hopefully she won't be swamped with homework. I have really enjoyed my weekend with her. It was just the icing on the cake that I was published in next months issue of Stamper Sampler. I adore this magazine and have oohed and awed at many of their publications. It is always an honor to be featured among so much talent.
You can purchase this issue here...

Happy weekend to you all

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