Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Christmas Configuration

I started the day spray painting some shelves and cleaning my studio, but it didn't take me long
to get side tracked with a few projects. I guess, I should clean my studio more often, so some of these
unfinished projects will get done. Creativity is easy to find after going through all the piles of junk I
have laying around. This Christmas configuration is one of the things I finished today.
It is nice to have a few hours alone in the morning while my little one is at preschool. It is amazing what 3 hours will do for a mother. Just this week I was able to get laundry caught up, activities for YW finished, lots of cleaning, and of course a few crafts. I better not forget the best part, I have been able to get my workouts completed without having to stop midway to assist a whining 4 yr old.
It's time to get the little ones to bed. I will post more of my projects as soon as I can.

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