Monday, September 10, 2012

Altered Halloween Spools

I had so much fun creating these altered thread spools. My oldest daughter even created one. Hers is the one with the candy corn. I found a bag of these vintage wood spools in my closet and thought the Halloween theme would be perfect for them. They are a great addition to our fall decor. My kids must be getting excited for Halloween, because three of them have already mentioned getting out the Haunted Houses and other decorations. I'm thinking they have a great idea, so I will be pulling out the totes tonight when the house is quiet. They will wake up to all our fun Halloween decorations. It really
wouldn't matter what is put on display as long as the Haunted Village is up. All of my kids are obsessed
with miniature things. I'm not sure where they get that from...wink wink! As a kid, I was always a tad bit obsessed with those sort of things myself.
I am still working on lots of other fall creations, so stay tuned. I will share them as soon as they are complete.
Happy Monday to you all!

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